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18 April
Priority booking allocations confirmed by this date.

20 April
Public booking opens. We will be selling any remaining socially distanced seats and taking reservations that we expect to fulfil after 17 May.

17 May
Expected Government announcement that will enable us to open up more seating.

The allocation of priority booking seats is taking place over the next 2 weeks and you will hear about your seating allocation by 18 April.

At the moment we are only able to allocate a socially distanced seating plan, which will severely limit the number of seats available with tickets seated in households in pairs, fours or six. We will only use your 2nd and 3rd date options to assist us if necessary.

Once our socially distanced seating plan is fully booked, we will be running a waiting list. If we are unable to seat any Friends, Founders and donors in this first allocation they will be given first priority for the next allocation. We can release up to 350 seats every night with the promised relaxation of Government guidelines in May.

The overwhelming message we are getting from everybody is “We are desperate to come back to The Grange and see a show”. We are desperate to welcome you. But we know we have to take this step by step. We do not want to turn away anyone, and hopefully, after 17 May, we won’t have to.

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