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Quick Fire Questions with Armand Rabot

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Regional Impact

Our regional impact

Quick Fire Questions MC

Quick Fire Questions with Michael Chance

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We asked Michael Chance 6 quick fire questions about his love of opera.

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We soon became The Athenians

History both ancient and modern formed a large part of the four day tour in and around Athens organised by Julia Boadle from Arts Abroad, an experienced hand at guiding groups around resonant foreign locations and providing suitably stimulating entertainment and insight.


Learning at The Grange - 2024 Projects

Learning at The Grange |

How can opera play a part in developing essential skills in young people – curiosity, leadership, persistence, resilience? Combining a broad range of expressive arts – music, drama, dance, design, creative writing and visual arts – we use opera to nurture creativity and give young people a platform from which to explore and develop their imagination. Find out more about our 2024 projects

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Our interim Chair

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Meet our new art partner

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Exciting news for art at The Grange Festival


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Welcome back Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra

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Festival Tour: Athens

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Violin 2

Orchestra Manager of the Year

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Michael Chance's Festive Favourites

An hour of music to help you wrap, stuff, peel, ice, baste, decorate, or, if all those fiendishly challenging tasks are done and dusted, simply to scintillate.

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