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Here is a Grange Christmas offering from all the team. I can’t imagine that any other Yuletide playlist will have such a range. On a typical day in our office, the room is constantly alive with snatches of songs like some of these. Much fun is had while your Festival is being but together.

Except, this year, not.

But, as you can hear, the spirit is still very much alive. Everyone has chipped, or rather chirped in.

I just want to use this moment to pay a tribute to the unceasing and good-humoured commitment of this small and remarkable team. They really have kept the show on the road. And the show will go on next summer and be as eye and ear catching as ever. Bumps along the way, for sure, but when you come to The Grange in just six months’ time we will all be there, filling your minds and hearts with magic and mystery.

Happy Listening and a very Happy Christmas from us all.

Michael Chance

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