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Future Visions

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You might well be wondering what connects an arts organisation and a conservation institution. Learning@TheGrange, in collaboration with WWF, will offer 200 young people (aged 7-23 years) a creative platform to express their hopes and visions for a sustainable future.

The Process

Through interactive workshops guided by exceptional professional creative teams, groups from 9 schools and educational institutions will discuss and debate different global landscapes from the Amazon rain forest and wetlands of South America to our Ancient Woodlands here in the UK. They will examine WWF’s scientific facts, explore the issues and unravel the problems.

In response, they will be encouraged to dig deep into their imagination. They will write text, compose music and choreograph dance to represent how they want to shape a sustainable world.

The outcome will be a collection of short films representing the voice of young people to help drive the conversation about the kind of future they want. In 2021, the ‘Super year of Nature‘, the films will be be shown at at several global climate change conferences including COP26.

Nurturing Creativity

Future Visions will encourage young people to look at our damaged world through new lenses. Imagination and creative problem solving will be key to planning a positive future – a future where we have learned to work alongside nature and respect the needs of the planet. It is a world where we don’t say we cannot do things but rather how can we do them without damage.

The World Economic Forum Future of Jobs Report predicts that creativity, innovation and ‘ideation’ - forming ideas and concepts - will be key skills for our future.

These essential skills, which sit alongside analytical thinking and problem-solving, will replace manual tasks that become automated.

It is a natural union of art and science, creativity and critical thinking.

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