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Special Charity Auction with Olympia Auctions

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We are delighted to have been approached by Thomas Del Mar of Olympia Auctions to take part in a major charity auction later this year.

Olympia Auctions will generously reduce their standard seller’s commission from 15% to 10%. They are offering to give the Festival half of this lower rate. Sellers may also choose to donate the entire sale amount or a portion of it to the Festival. This means we will receive 5% of any sale price as a minimum and we dare to hope more in some cases. This is a tax efficient way of supporting us and all donations made in either way will be eligible for Gift Aid.

All funds we receive will help the Festival recover from the extreme challenges we have faced, and continue to face, as a result of Covid. They will also help us fulfil our long-held dream to equip our theatre to match the needs of the 21st century. Being able to film our work to a high standard will have a game-changing impact on our work with students and schoolchildren in our community and further afield. We will also reach so many at home and abroad who are unable to come to our theatre. All of this requires digital resources, a fact that has hit home even more powerfully while our theatres are closed. Those of you who came to our 5* Falstaff in 2019 will understand why it is such a loss that this production was not filmed and recorded for others to enjoy.

Do please take a moment to think if you have items you would like to sell. If you are not used to auctions do not be put off. Olympia Auctions have considerable experience and outstanding expertise in a wide range of fields covering arms and armour, British and Continental pictures, ceramics, European and Asian works of art and jewellery. Their sales include items from low hundreds of pounds to hundreds of thousands. This sale suits the casual seller, who may be clearing cupboards or downsizing, just as well as the seller of specialist high value items. They have the knowledge to help you and will delighted to answer any queries or discuss particular items. They can be contacted at fundraising@OlympiaAuctions.com and can arrange virtual meetings or visit in person. You can also direct any questions to us via rachel@thegrangefestival.co.uk, please refrain from calling the office as we are all working remotely.

If, like so many, lockdown is making you clear out your home, maybe you will find things tucked away in your attic or in drawers that have gathered dust and could find a new home.

We do hope so.

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