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I am thrilled this week to bring you a musical selection from the heart of The Grange. Richard Loader has been the curator at The Grange for longer than time. Here he applies his curatorial gifts to music with a surprising and reassuring choice of humdingers and lollipops. I can hardly believe that none of these pieces has yet appeared on any of our playlists.

Richard mows the lawns, rakes the gravel, and looks after everything you see at The Grange (and much you don’t) with consummate care and dedication. His musical passions will I am sure be familiar to many of you. I found them irresistible.

And while on the theatre, you may like to know that it is currently full of builders, installing new theatre seats in the balcony, which will give exhilarating and unimpeded views of the stage from all parts, as well as greater comfort. More on this anon.

There was a heart-warming report on the news yesterday about how singing coaches from ENO are helping long-Covid patients with their breathing. The results have been momentous. The remarkable Suzi Zumpe has worked with The Grange Festival in some of our education projects and is now applying her inspirational work to ENO Breathe. I encourage you all to take a few operatic breaths each day (I liken them to the breaths we all take when first arriving at our favourite holiday destination: slowly through your nose, full and deep and free, taking in the fresh sea or mountain air). A deep diaphragmatic breath makes you feel wonderful. Please feel free also to sing your favourite opera aria.

Happy Listening

And Healthy Singing

Michael Chance

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