Sounds of Social Distancing | Week 11

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We all yearn for the spaces between us to diminish. Well, I hope we all do. This looks likelier by the day. As they do perhaps the need for solitary listening lessens. May I salute those of you who treat each week’s musical offering with reverence and listen complete in one formal dinner sitting? I would love to be a fly on the wall for the more boisterous numbers.

We open this week with a foretaste of what’s to come at The Grange. This is breaking news. The drama of the first two tracks is rather thrilling to imagine in our opera house in a few years’ time.

And then Vienna, Leipzig, Budapest, Venice, New York, Los Angeles, Brighton and even the moon all play a part. I think it’s fun thinking of music in geographical terms: they give context and one can imagine their beginnings.

May I repeat what I have previously written, that music really knows no boundaries and that I hope you can find musical or imaginative links crossing over all the widely different styles? Compare, for instance, the rolling ground bass in Track 12 (My new celebrity is you) with what the organ does in track 5, or what you would hear opening a Purcell song like Music for a while (heard in my Week 1).

Next week will be my last for this while: an honest (but not baker’s) dozen.

I send you my best wishes for continued good health of both body and soul.

Tomorrow (Thursday) would have been the Dress rehearsal of our 3rd opera, Manon Lescaut. Imagine our nerves as it approaches!

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