Sounds of Social Distancing | Week 7

Sounds of Social Distancing |

Here is a another short film this time from Josie Thomas, our costume supervisor, to get you going before your 7th musical sequence begins.

I feel we are starting to ease up a bit, to stretch our metaphorical limbs and perhaps venture out a bit more. This week’s musical choices are pushing boundaries. Again familiar and less so sit cheek by jowl, not too uncomfortably I trust.

We start with men in tights swashing their buckle on the briny deep, and end with the introspection of a solo piano. (It would originally have been a harpsichord). In fact Germany is well represented from the 17th and 20th centuries. Russia, USA, Brazil, France and Italy all playing starring roles. And I always try to feature UK, this week from 16th, 19th and 20th centuries. Musical imaginations know no boundaries but equally give us the very smell of their cultural homes.

Please savour, and remain healthy and in touch.

Michael Chance

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