Sounds of Social Distancing | Week 6

Sounds of Social Distancing |

This week we start with a short film. It needs no introduction, except to say that the sentiments so well expressed in it are shared by me and all our small team at The Grange.

I thought initially that this week’s musical choices should match Rachel’s words, but that would have probably led to a lack of variety, which is not what Playlists should be about. There are several longer segments this week, in addition to our normal last meditation. I hope some can be sung along to (one I know will be!) and others extend your own personal repertoires of favourite or at least known pieces.

The opening drone, because in essence that’s what it is, starts slowly and infinitesimally. I urge you to arrange household quiet before you start. You’ll understand why.

Again, Happy Listening

And I hope you all remain healthy and connected.

Michael Chance

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